EDWARD BECK SR, was born in Kent County, Maryland about 1675 and died 16 Feb 1736 in Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He married 1) 1708 in Bucks County to SARAH BUCKMAN, daughter of William and Sarah Buckman, born 10 Sep 1677 in Billingshurst, Sussex. England and died 4 July 1716 i Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania 2) Sarah

Issue first marriage:
SARAH BECK, born about 1708. She married 1) William Griffin 2) Caleb Tod.
FRANCES BECK, born about 1708 and died before 1736 in PA.
EDWARD BECK JR, born about 1711.

Issue second marrieage:
JEFFERY BECK, born ca. 1722.
JANE BECK, bor about 1724. She married Roert Skelton in Bucks Co., PA 5 Sep 1742.
RACHEL BECK, born about 1724. She married Henry Preston 1742.
SUSANNAH BECK, born about 1730. She married William Skelton 28 Feb 1748.

Source: www.uftree.com/UFT/WebPages?ikeMarks?MARKS/d0/i0001067.htm
yea, I know webpages aren't good reference sources, but this person had documented all of thier sources and figuring them out is too much of a hassle. They look good, but if you really want to know, go check them out yourself.

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